When it comes to buying or selling....


Thinking Of Selling Your Vehicle Privately, Think Again!

Every week hundreds of vehicles are advertised throughout the Prince George Region. Many of these ads are placed by individuals who want to sell privately. With such a huge volume of cars, trucks, and vans available at one time, the business has evolved into a perpetual buyers market.

With this kind of selling, you must have a lot of patience and realistic expectations. You also must be prepared for early morning and late evening phone calls and strangers knocking on your door.

You can expect these people to drive a hard bargain to force prices down and when a price finally is negotiated payment can be a problem.

Let us take out the hassles of selling your vehicle, by exposing your vehicle to hundreds of potential buyers. Unlike private negotiations auction prices move in one direction...up. And since your vehicle is presented to hundreds of buyers, you can be assured of getting fair market value for your vehicle and sure payment.

When You're ready to Buy, Work With Your Head

In this day and age everyone wants to buy wholesale. When business advertise wholesale prices, how can you really be sure that is in fact true. When you open a newspaper and turn to the stocks, you know that the day's quotes are the real dollar numbers that day. (How do they come up with those figures). Through open and competitive bidding. That's wholesale.

At Central Interior Auctions the same thing applies... open and competitive bidding establishes the price of a certain vehicle. So when you are bidding, think with your head. Every second Thursday, Central Interior Auctions features hundreds of used cars, trucks and vans to the public. Finance repossessions, fleet lease and daily rentals, public consignments and consignments from reputable dealers.

Auctions move fast with all the bidding and constant movement. People can sometimes get confused. Here are some tips to properly prepare you for the event and make it less intimidating.

  • Always take time before the auction begins (even a day before) to check out all the vehicles you are interested in. Start them up and listen to them run. This is the time when a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend can be a real asset.
  • Know the market. Look through your newspapers and local publications such as the Buy & Sell and Auto Trader to familiarize yourself with the market. You will quickly realize how much lower auction prices are compared to what's available through your local publications.
  • Don't be intimidated by the process. Listen carefully to the auctioneer. If you don't feel comfortable, ask one of our ring men to bid on the car for you. Make sure you tell him how high you are willing to go.
  • PURCHASES made in the online Auction Thursday evenings are required to be paid for on the Friday ( next day ) following the sale.

Never hesitate to ask questions. Our staff is always there to help you.

 We've Built Our Business On Openness And Trust.

We adhere to strict industry and government regulations. All our vehicles are run through lien and title search procedures to ensure buyers of clear titles on vehicles sold. For the sellers, fair commission structures and excellent regulating policies and quick payouts. Open and competitive bidding make Central Interior Auctions your first choice.